Welcome to C-diagnostics

C-diagnostics provides Albertans with timely access to high-quality, comprehensive cardiometabolic and cardiopulmonary diagnostics services. 

Our Health Services

Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Nuclear Cardiology Studies
Simple Exercise Stress Tests
24hr Holter Monitoring
24hr ABPMs
Transthoracic Echocardiograms (including GLS)
Carotid Ultrasounds

Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Services

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)
Pediatric PFTs & Spirometry
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)

Metabolic Diagnostic Services

Indirect Calorimetry

Why Choose C-diagnostics?

C-diagnostics strives to identify, monitor, evaluate, and enhance health outcomes by providing Albertans with timely access to innovative, patient-centered, cardiometabolic and cardiopulmonary diagnostic testing services.
The C-diagnostics Vision
C-diagnostics will provide Albertans with timely access to high-quality, comprehensive cardiometabolic and cardiopulmonary diagnostics services.
The C-diagnostics Mission
System Enhancement 

  • Access: To enhance patient and healthcare provider access to highly specialized cardiometabolic and cardiopulmonary diagnostics services within Alberta.
  • Quality: To develop and implement comprehensive training programs for C-diagnostics and community healthcare providers to ensure the provision of high-quality diagnostics services to Albertans.
  • Sustainability: To advocate for community stakeholder collaboration to effect efficient diagnostics service delivery to ensure sustainability of care provision.

Patient Care

  • Access: To provide expedited access to specialized diagnostic services and further access to comprehensive specialist services.
  • Quality: To ensure all diagnostics testing and care services are provided by highly trained, specialized clinical team members, utilizing state-of-the art equipment, in an environment that enhances patient experience.
  • Sustainability: To provide patients a network of integrated healthcare professional and services, through leveraging community resources in an efficient and patient-centric manner.
  • Sustainability: To provide efficient appointment booking in a patient centric manner and to strive to have an environment patients and staff can enjoy.


  • Access: To implement the use of novel technology and diagnostic procedures to optimize disease identification and management.
  • Quality: To participate in research investigating novel technology or devices aimed to enhance future patient care.
  • Sustainability: To advocate for community stakeholder commitment to innovation to provide enhanced diagnostics services to Albertans.

Welcome to C-diagnostics